A Persistent Point of Presence - Stand Alone or Networked 

In the air 24/7 - For as long as you need!



AERO's tether systems come with an integrated control console. All have independent camera operations, and they are equipped with integrated weather, air traffic, and sensor data.

All are capable of REMOTE or local operations.

AERO's AEROTRAK software and control console can centrally control multiple tethered systems operating at geographically-dispersed locations.

Systems have an RF communication capability to 10 miles. Connectivity for tethered systems include:

  • RF Ethernet 

  • Cellular, or


​Tethers currently available include:

  • Electrified PowerTether (by Elistair and Blue Vigil), and

  • Unpowered MicroTether (by AERO)

The PowerTether is fully integrated with our AEROTRAK command/control system. The tether provides 2500 watts of power to the aircraft (with a GFI safety system) up to 200' above the ground. The tether also provides a data link down the tether to enable the real-time sharing of data or video coming from the aircraft. Options for the powered tether include:

  • RF networking up to 10 miles

  • Cellular connectivity

  • X-band satellite communications, and

  • Integrated FAA ADS-B transponder

AERO's MicroTether provides unpowered, stand-alone, servo-controlled operations. Tethered altitudes - up to 400' - for sUAS, VTOL aircraft, and small aerostats. The tether is made of 300-pound-test braided line. The unit also has a user-adjustable variable tension control, and optional mounting kits for aerostat operations.

The tether's servo-motor is solar-powered with battery backup, and an external power option. The AERO MicroTether also comes equipped with a digital voltage level meter.