AERO's MicroTether provides unpowered, stand-alone, servo-controlled tether operations. Attached aircraft can fly tethered at altitudes up to 500' AGL.  With fully automatic tether pay-out and rewind, the MicroTether is a great tether solution for all model of UAVs, VTOL aircraft, and small aerostats.


The AERO MicosTether is made from 300-pound-test braided line. For VTOL aircraft, there is an average of 5 oz of operational tension on the tether. This unit has user-adjustable variable tension control, with optional mounting kits for aerostat operations.​ The tether's servo-motor is solar-powered with battery backup, and an external power option. The AERO MicroTether also comes equipped with a digital voltage meter.

AERO MicroTether

    1. Weather resistant tether case.
    2. 500' of 300-pound test braided line on spool.
    3. Solar-powered servo spool motor spool, fully automatic.
    4. Adjustment control for tension.
    5. Battery for solar backup
    6. Digital voltage meter.

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