PERSISTENT POINT OF PRESENCE.  AERO Tether solutions provide the means to have a "persistent point of Presence" for eye-on, security, and communications needs.


ALL THE POWER YOU NEED.   Our rugged, advanced-design, electrified Power Tether sends 2500 watts of power up 400' of tether to the flying UAV platform. AERO's power tether packs MORE than enough power to support a heavy payload of cameras, sensing, communications, and other equipment. Safety is asured by an included GIF safety system.


SERVO-MOTOR CONTROLLED.   The tether's servo-motor automatically control the pay-out and rewind of the tether as the aircraft ascends and descends. Tether tension is set at 5 oz, and is fully adjustable by the pilot as needed.


COMMAND CENTER INTEGRATED.   The AERO PowerTether is fully integrated with our AEROTRAK command/control system (and the others offered on trhis site). AERO's tether system comes with an integrated control console. The systrem has an independent camera operation, and is equipped with integrated weather, air traffic, and sensor data.All are capable of REMOTE or local operations.


COMMUNICATION & DATA LINKS.   The tether provides a data link down the tether to enable the real-time sharing of video, data, and information coming from the aircraft. Options for the AERO powered tether include:

  • RF MESH networking up to 10 miles
  • Cellular connectivity
  • X-band satellite communications, and
  • Integrated FAA ADS-B transponder.

AUTOMOMOUS & ​REMOTE OPERATIONS.   Coupled with AERO's Tether Hangar, our Power Tether provides unique functionality for complete REMOTE, AUTONOMOUS weatherproof tether operations. Just set it up and control the tether remotely from anywhere in the wortld.

MULTIPLE TETHER OPERATIONS.   AERO's AEROTRAK software and control console can centrally control multiple tethered systems operating at geographically-dispersed locations.

COMMUNICATIONS CAPABILITY.   AERO Tether Systems have a communication capability up to 10 miles. Connectivity for AERO's tethered systems includes:

  • RF Ethernet
  • Cellular

AERO Electrified Power Tether