Intelligent Collaboration

AERO is privileged to work hand-in-hand with some of the best engineering

and scientific minds (and nicest people) in the world. Our partner team is 

focused on finding effective, innovative solutions to the difficult and,

seemingly, "impossible" challenges in UAV operations.

 Autonomous Enterprise Systems 

 RF networking, Real-time Data Acquisition

 Remote ID

 Low-altitude Air Traffic Surveillance

 Adaptive Artificial Intelligence

 360-degree Command Center

 Mobile Applications

 Detect-and-Avoid Systems

 NextGen Unmanned Systems

 Smart Power Tethering

 Ground Station Software

 Wireless Charging Stations

 Urban Air Mobility Applications

 DOD Engineering 

AERO collaborates with innovative, forward-thinking organizations:

University of Florida Research Labs (FLARE)

Florida Atlantic University - College of Engineering

NASA UTM Project Group (Ames Research Center)

AERO is proudly partnered with:

Engineer and technician working together
fireman and drone.jpg
police & drone 2.jpg
Team of Aviation Engineers Work on a New
In the Military Staging Base Army Engine