Rugged, Portable Tethered Systems

for Public Safety & Law Enforcement

Higher Perspective

AERO tethered UAVs give first responders higher and more encompassing perspectives on the situation.

Fly without limit - Persistent Aerial Surveillance

AERO tethers give a continuous point of presence and enable UAVs to be airborne

as long as needed

Command Center or on-Site Control

AERO tethered UAVs can be launched and controlled locally by an operator on-site, or remotely by pilots in a command center. Please contact AERO for more information on remote operations. 

Integrated Real-time Imagery and Data

AERO fast data transfer tethers link drone video, sensor, and communications seamlessly with emergency command centers and on-site personnel - providing real-time eyes on and communications.

Enhanced Video Processing

AERO advanced video processing allow systems equipped with EVT video processing technology to "see" through

fog, smoke, haze, snow, rain,
hale, sand storm, darkness, clouds,
murky water, & even dark-tinted glass.

Traffic & Speed Monitoring

AERO's tethered systems can assist in traffic monitoring, counting, and speed control - both manned and autonomously remotely controlled.