• AERO launches AERO 7G Communications Corporation  to build nationwide FAA Remote-ID
    compliant low-altitude drone tracking network - read more about it here:

  • University of Florida College of Engineering invites AERO to partner on mil-spec drone integrations
    of emerging sensor innovations and cybersecurity R&D projects related to unmanned aerial
    and marine systems


  • AERO Partners with EVT on Search & Rescue Project:   Read the article here

  • Aerial Vision Systems Provide Better Port Security:   Read the article here

  • AERO research Team to Explore Solar Film Applications for In-Flight UAV Power

Gallium-arsenide film and proprietary capacitor technology will be integrated to be tested as an alternative power source for long-duration UAV flights

  • AERO Demos UAV Networking at NASA/KSC

The AERO RF team presented a discrete multi-node radio network for integration of autonomous aerial services for range control, inspections and surveying, and pre-launch range operations support at Cape Canaveral

  • Expeditionary Team Tests Tethered Security System

          Flight crews conducted multi-drone operations in Northern Virginia, including tethered operations on historic site

  • AERO Crew Presents Integrated Drone Systems at NASA Expo

At Cape Canaveral, AERO displayed integrated unmanned systems, including the Pulse Vapor long-range/expeditionary helicopter and AERO’s short-range multi-use hexacopter. AERO also gave a live demo of multi-channel video streaming over a custom RF mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) during the show.









  • AERO Strikes a 360-Degree Virtual Command Center Partnership

AERO teams with Quantum Visualization Labs to develop 360-degree camera systems, multi-point video imagery processing and integrated data analytic software


  • AERO Tests Its Power-Over-Tether System        

In January, 2016, long-duration flight tests using a proprietary powered tethering system were successfully 

conducted at AERO's test range in Jupiter, Florida


  • AERO Completes Phase-1 Development of UAV Transponder

Live HDTV video and atmospheric sensor data feeds captured via prototype multi-core transponder
can be tracked anywhere within the U.S. National Airspace


  • AERO Teams With Florida Atlantic University to Develop Hybrid UAV Power Systems

AERO teams with Florida Atlantic University's College of Engineering to research alternative energy systems

for long-range UAVs. New technology aims at “instant” or in-flight recharging, and extended flight operations


  • AERO Integrates RF Aerial Intranet

AERO teams with 3WG to bring specialized RF technology to interconnect civilian and commercial unmanned

systems, providing tracking data, high-resolution video encoding/streaming (under 10ms latency), network

connectivity with 100Mbps data transport. 


  • AERO developing “JADA” Mobile App for UAV Operators

AERO to develop cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile application for UAV pilots,
municipalities, law 
enforcement and first responders


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