AERO SkySCAN - Low-altitude Airspace Surveillance and Detect-and-Avoid Capability



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There’s a lot going on in your airspace!


Drone operators are confronted with serious challenges for safe operations in the low-altitude airspace. Situational awareness is key!

If your enterprise is managing drone operations under FAA BVLOS waiver (or applying for an FAA waiver), or just plain interested in safer drone operations, you need airspace surveillance to  detect other drones and aircraft over your facilities or infrastructure assets.

Introducing AERO SkySCAN™ - real-time air traffic surveillance for low-altitude aviation.


AERO Corporation’s Innovation Team is building the nationwide Low-altitude Airspace Surveillance Network. In support of enterprises using autonomous and remotely-piloted drones, AERO’s network provides tracking of manned and unmanned aircraft enabling commercial and government organizations to safely operate autonomous and remotely-piloted drones. With more than 20 years experience in military and FAA engineering, AERO is combining:

  • Advanced “over-the-horizon” RADAR technology

  • Easy mobile app and command center user interface

  • Military-proven data processing

  • Integration with popular drone software applications


AERO SkySCAN™ helps you avoid mid-air encounters in your shared airspace. With a range of data products available, AERO SkySCAN™ provides the specific tracking info you need to ensure safe drone operations day or night, while maintaining FAA BVLOS compliance.

AERO is signing-up beta test site hosts now!  If your organization is in need of critical airspace surveillance data, we want to hear from you. 

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