About Us


AERO began as the "special projects" division of a defense contractor with decades of innovative "mission impossible" engineering support for U.S. Special Operations Command, FAA, and other government agencies

At first, AERO's technological brain-trust focused its R&D activities on "forward-innovation" and future technologies for UAV communications, command and control, and a wide range of "use-case" applications. With our academic and technology partners, AERO has evolved from being an R&D lab to a full-service UAV integrator making a wide range of UAV technologies all work seamlessly together.


Today, AERO delivers considerable expertise in support of commercial and industrial entities, utilities, aerospace organizations, federal and municipal agencies, and U.S. defense initiatives.

In 2019, AERO launched AERO 7G Communications Corporation - a subsidiary totally dedicated to establishing nationwide Remote ID and tracking of drones and robots.  Read about our evolutionary solutions:

    AERO pilots are Part 107 certified.



AERO Corporation develops integrated autonomous systems and low-altitude airspace management networks to support industrial robotic aerial operations (Aerobotics), automating tasks that may otherwise be difficult or impossible.

Our fully-integrated systems have redundant networking and communications to ensure the full-time tracking and control of robotic vehicles, even from thousands of miles away.

AERO provides end-to-end solutions for enterprises employing UAVs (or drones) including aerial, terrestrial, and marine robotics. We enable organizations to deploy unmanned technology effectively in situations where manned operations would be dangerous, costly or less effective.