AERO's 2020 Vision:

The launch of the autonomous enterprise. 

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AERO provides fully-integrated UAS (Unmanned Autonomous Systems) and scalable connectivity for industrial, government, and airspace management applications.  


AERO integrates best-in-class drone and robotic platforms with centralized command and control, and an array of advanced technology in extended flight, squadron operations, sensors, RF MESH network and satellite communications, wireless power and related technologies. The AERO Integrated Autonomous Enterprise enables commercialization of the National Airspace and provides the foundational technologies to support Next-Generation "Aerobotics."

Higher Vision


With the development of AEROScan™ low-altitude air traffic surveillance, and AERO 7G™ ubiquitous connectivity for Detect-and-Avoid and Remote-ID, commercialization of the national airspace can finally be achieved safely and securely.


When integrated with AERODome™ wireless charging stations and our next-generation drone technology, AERO's end-to-end enterprise is a scalable solution for all industries.


Our company serves large-scale commercial & industrial enterprises, including utility companies, municipalities, aerospace organizations, Urban Air Mobility (UAM), government and defense agencies, first responders, and law enforcement communities.

The AERO innovation team has decades of experience developing systems for the U.S. Military, energy and communications industries, and avionics systems - including development of the FAA's TCAS air traffic collision-avoidance system, advanced aircraft avionics, RF and data systems.  


AERO has an extensive intellectual property library of disruptive innovations, a wide network of technology partners, and academic research support. 


AERO is a member of industry associations and aviation standards work-groups and supports rising talent in aerospace engineering via our technology internship program.



AERO provides a comprehensive suite of UAV systems and services for commercial and industrial enterprises, aerospace organizations, government, and defense initiatives. We support a number of agencies and industries, and offer the most innovative and effective UAV solutions available anywhere in the world for use cases that include:


AERO is a friendly, talented group of aviation professionals and robotics innovators with a passion for building autonomous ecosystems.


We're happy to brainstorm with you about how AERO's Autonomous Enterprise Solutions can help your organization enhance your capabilities, reduce risk, and increase cost-efficiency.


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